5 simple ways to improve employee relationships

One of the most fundamental factors behind a strong workplace culture and great business results is a workforce that consists of great relationships. Fostering strong, positive relationships between co-workers not only encourages efficient collaboration, but it also makes for a much happier environment that motivates employees to achieve great results.

So, as an employer, how can you instil great relationships between your employees?

Instil good communication skills

Communication is at the heart of every business strategy, and is essential in ensuring that teams can collaborate efficiently, whilst keeping up-to-date with both internal and external activity – ultimately ensuring that the business runs smoothly. Luckily, we are now able to collaborate with others online – through emails and instant messaging, for example. However, it’s essential that employees know how to communicate effectively in person so that important information isn’t missed.

Try to develop listening skills amongst your workforce – perhaps by arranging regular team building exercises, or making team meetings more interactive.

Encourage honesty and transparency

Co-workers need to be able to trust each other to form good relationships. By encouraging people to be honest, open and transparent, you’re creating a positive work ethos amongst employees who can trust each other to get work done, and share private information. This also encourages employees to speak out about both personal and work issues, important for both regulating good mental health and keeping other employees informed of important changes.

Have your employees share values and work towards a common goal

Adopting a workforce that has shared values ensures that employees are constantly working towards a common business goal. Not only is this crucial for the future of the company itself, but it creates a united workforce which, although may be separated into departments, is ultimately aiming for the same result.

As an employer, you can achieve this by communicating with your employees regularly – both on a personal and corporate level – and ensuring that teams are interacting with each other as much as possible during the working day.

Show appreciation and gratitude to others

Ensure that all employees who achieve great results are praised for doing so – and also receiving equal credit. If employees feel rewarded for the great work they’re doing, and are sharing the accreditation with others, you’ll instil a sense of mutual appreciation and gratitude that forms the foundation for a highly motivated workforce.

It’s also a great idea to recognise those who go out of their way to help you – whether they’ve made you a cup of tea or filed a report, remember to show your gratitude for positive behaviours.

Show respect for others

Fostering mutual respect in the workplace is essential for ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard. If all opinions and thoughts are respected, employees will feel increasingly prepared to put their ideas and perspectives forward. Your workforce will also feature more friendships, which, when paired with corporate relationships, work to create happier employees and great results.

If you’re unsure of how you can improve the relationships between your employees, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team.

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