5 steps to ensure your workplace investigation runs smoothly

When potential disciplinary or grievance issues come up in the workplace, it’s crucial to deal with them promptly and fairly.

In these circumstances, relying on a quiet word or informal action won’t be enough. You’ll need to conduct a workplace investigation before you decide if any further action is necessary.

Investigations help you uncover the facts, get to the bottom of what has (or has not) happened and ensure that any decisions taken are well-informed, fair and objective.

However, it doesn’t come without risk. It’s crucial to handle investigations sensitively and effectively, creating an environment where employees feel they are being treated fairly and feel safe to raise concerns without fear of repercussions.

Not handling it well can create a whole host of issues, from disgruntled employees to a breach of confidentiality and damage to your reputation. Plus, you could be held liable if a poor investigation leads to a decision that results in an employment tribunal claim.

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