5 Things Every Candidate Wants From A Job Advert

Image: Flickr Commons Paul Townsend, 1950s Bristol Shoppers queue to get a bargain in the sales

Do you want fantastic candidates knocking your door down? A seamless, quick recruitment process? There are 5 elements you need to include in your vacancy listing to achieve it.

Simply covering the basics might not attract the quality of candidate you require and just by including a few other points could help you find the right people to fit your roles. Many of the most successful listings make it clear what sets your company apart from everyone else.

1. Company Culture

Try and give some indications of the type of business you are so that job seekers can gauge their ‘fit’ with you well in advance of the interview. What sort of work environment do you offer? What’s the management style of your business? What’s your approach to corporate social responsibility? In recent research, millennials have cited social responsibility as one of the biggest reasons they will chose one company over another.

2. Career Path

Any candidate who is looking for a long-term future with a company needs to have some indication of the career prospects that come with the role. Is there a clear career progression within the business? Are there opportunities for training and development? All these aspects make a role very attractive – at least for anyone who is interested in hanging around and making their mark within your business.

3. Attractive Salary

With two in three candidates more likely to apply when the salary is advertised then this is a must for any job vacancy. It helps prospective employees understand their suitability for the job and the level of experience required. This is true across all levels of roles. Although the other aspects are also important – this is usually the first thing that is checked.

4. Good Benefits

These set you apart from other vacancies when prospective candidates maybe deliberating between a number of attractive roles. These can include private healthcare, a company pension scheme or slightly extended holidays. Also mention other perks that can make a candidate remember you or spark their interest such as lunchtime or after-work activities like a gym or yoga classes, table tennis tournaments or ‘tea’ or drinks at the end of the week.

5. Flexible Working

The majority of job seekers want a good work/life balance and to work for a business that acknowledges the importance of it. Not only will it encourage them to be positive about their employers and their work, but will cultivate good morale in your business. This might mean clarifying whether the role can be fulfilled partly or totally from home or at flexible times of the week.

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