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Motivating Your Team: the best reward doesn’t involve cash!

Are you guilty of implementing an uninspiring performance-related bonus scheme for your employees? You know the type—a meagre 2% of their salary if they miraculously achieve tough goals within an unrealistic timeframe. If this sounds familiar, I have some news for you: it’s simply not working. In fact, it’s doing the opposite by actively demotivating your team. The bonuses feel unattainable and, quite frankly, not worth the effort. Is it time to reward your team without cash?

But fear not! If you don’t have the luxury of a big budget to offer substantial financial rewards (let’s face it, not many of us do in today’s economic climate), there are alternative approaches that can be even more effective. These methods tap into people’s intrinsic motivations—their internal drivers that go beyond monetary compensation.

In my latest guide, “5 Ways to Reward Your Team That Doesn’t Involve Cash,” I share ways to motivate and reward your employees, boosting your team’s engagement and job satisfaction.

You’ll discover practical and proven methods that appeal to employees’ intrinsic motivations. These strategies go beyond the limitations of a simple cash bonus and create a work environment where people feel valued and appreciated. From recognising achievements to fostering personal development, this guide offers actionable insights and ideas that you can implement right away.

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