Claire Fox, Cluer HR Solutions

A Year of change – The Covid-19 pandemic from an employee’s perspective.

One of our employees, Clare has written a blog all about the changes Covid-19 has bought from an employee’s point of view…

Over the past year we have seen such a shift in business and in our personal lives. We would have never believed what could have happened in such a short space of time.

Covid-19 has touched everybody’s lives in some way be it professionally or personally. I think by now we will all know somebody who has contracted this retched virus.

Here at Cluer HR back in March 2020 we packed up our belongings and made our way to a new way of working. It had its teething problems, but little did we know back then we would still be in the same position 1 year on!

I personally found working from home quite nice at first but then slowly realised how much I was missing the office chat, interaction, people coming and going in the courtyard often popping in just to say hello. All the things which we took for granted have for now ceased.

Remote working has taken over. Instead of brainstorming over a cup of tea in the office, Microsoft Teams has taken its place. It is lovely to see my teammates, but nothing beats the face-to-face interaction the office environment gives.

A real positive for me has been getting to know a lot of our clients by having time for a quick catch up before fielding calls to one of our lovely HR Advisers. Clients have spent time passing the time of day and sharing their own “new world” experiences with me and I have with them which I have and will continue to enjoy, so thank you. Even a quick check in with people makes all the difference.

I was surprised to discover that my Husband who has worked from home for the last 20 plus years started to struggle with both me and my daughter working from home suddenly. At first, I thought it was the queue for the kettle that was annoying him! But no, it turns out he misses us coming home bringing the outside world home with us. Chatting about our day around the dinner table, of course we don’t have silent meals, but the conversations are not as they used to be. No tricky commuting stories or “oh you will never guess who I saw today?” type scenarios. We as a family have had to adapt to this new way of working and living as we all have. We are all so grateful to still be gainfully employed. I am acutely aware of many people and small businesses which the virus has impacted catastrophically.

Working as part of the team at Cluer has highlighted a lot of these problems and issues. Our advisers have been working around the clock to keep our clients up to date with regulation changes and Furlough updates to name just two. They also keep clients up to date and advise on various aspects the pandemic has and continues to have on the impact of business and their employees. A lot of our clients have been extremely grateful and complimentary of these communications and have found they often answer questions before they need to be asked. It is all part of our service.

As for our virtual way of working, I am looking forward to the day I can physically make the team cups of tea and share the odd naughty cake or two, say morning and goodnight instead of sharing an Emoji to do this for me!

On that note, stay safe everyone, please keep talking to one another.