An employee handbook: Why are they so important?

An employee handbook is an essential piece of HR kit to protect your business. It’s important to establish one to ensure both employers and employees know what is expected of them. In addition to this, an employee handbook outlines employment legislation and how to deal with complaints.

Many employers question what is an employee handbook?

Well… it acts as a central reference point for the business and its staff. On top of this, it’ll often contain at least 20 policies governing different aspects of workplace life and management ensuring employees are aware of both their terms and conditions of employment and all company policies.

So, why is an employee handbook so important?

It essentially helps to manage risk. Managing risk is a big factor in HR and employees are where the risk lies. Having an employee handbook written and in place by a qualified HR professional can reduce any potential misunderstanding therefore, safeguarding a productive work environment.

When welcoming new employees to your organisation, it’s the ideal opportunity to present them with their employee handbook. It will form the base of their induction and will become a key reference point for company information. This handbook will showcase your business culture, ethos, practices, and will help new employees understand their role within the organisation.

Employee handbooks are important when setting out your company policies. They’re a great way to ensure consistency is adhered to on policies such as grievance, disciplinary procedures, and holiday pay. Having this point of reference is great for senior members of staff and managers when making decisions and answering questions employees might have. This document ensures everyone within the business is on the same page.

As mentioned before, your up to date employee handbook will define boundaries and enforce expectations thus minimising risk. Having this key document in place will reduce the risk of costly employment tribunals should this arise because you can demonstrate that your company has a policy against it and that the policy wasn’t adhered to.

Having clear company policies in the form of an employee handbook shows consistency with current legislation, this is something our retained clients benefit from. We also recommend having annual handbook updates/reviews to ensure their current and in line with any changes to the law etc.

Having an employee handbook is essential for all businesses, no matter how big or small. Here at Cluer HR, we can tailor your handbooks to suit your companies requirements and provide crucial updates as and when they come into play.

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