Anger Awareness Week

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There are many aspects of modern-day life that cause us to feel stress and anger – both in our personal lives and in the workplace. Whether it’s dealing with a difficult colleague, trying to stay on top of unrealistic deadlines or repeatedly having to ask someone to do the same task, anger can quickly take over – and this can be particularly destructive on busier days when there are already several other things to be focusing on. Anger Awareness Week acknowledges and addresses these issues, aiming to help people identify triggers of their anger, whilst acknowledging anger itself as a disturbing social issue. It also encourages people to expose their issues and address them effectively.

The British Association Anger Management have launched a ‘Keep Your Cool Over Yule’ kit that can be utilised in and out of the workplace. This is an information pack that contains tips on how best to deal with anger-inducing situations, how to prevent unnecessary arguments and how to cope when others are causing you stress. In addition to this, the pack includes activities that can be carried out in the workplace, which invites colleagues to actively think about who or what they currently feel angry with, before considering whether their anger is getting in the way of their productivity levels. These packs can be downloaded online, and will ultimately show your workers how to handle anger properly whilst teaching them calming strategies for diffusing difficult situations.

Individuals tend to feel anger in response to situations, so it’s about creating a positive environment in which all situations can be dealt with effectively. If feelings of frustration and anger are present in the workplace, this can lead to uncomfortable situations in which employees feel that they are ‘treading on eggshells’. This also lowers general morale and levels of productivity, which impacts negatively both on the workforce and the business. Above all else, employers and HR professionals should realise that it is their responsibility to protect their staff from any form of damaging or threatening behaviour, whilst ensuring that the workplace remains professional. Tackling the problem at its core is a good place to start, and this could include set standards and regulations regarding unacceptable behaviour, along with providing instructions on how it should be dealt with.

There are many ways that anger can be managed in the workplace. Encouraging positive behaviour is the best place to start, which should also refer back to the recruitment process. Ensuring that you’re recruiting people who have a positive attitude and who are happy to comply to behavioural standards is essential to maintaining this ethos. Employers should also be setting good examples to their employees, by showing respect to others and dealing with all situations in a calm and composed manner.

It’s also important to have disciplinary procedures in place. This way, employees will know that any unacceptable behaviour will have consequences. Any sanctions given will allow individuals to re-evaluate their behaviour and make them less likely to repeat it. Training should also be given to your workers, so that they can learn how best to respond in any given situation; including teaching them that aggression should not be responded to in a negative way.

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