What are the consequences of poor management to employees?

Poor management can cause lasting damage to your employees and organisation. If it’s not recognised it can lead to a toxic and uninviting working atmosphere. This reputation can be hard to shake. However, it’s the steps you take to improve your company’s health, wellbeing and overall productivity which will help to reduce the negative effects of poor management. 

One of the first trends you’ll see is high staff turnover

Your employees won’t be leaving the job, they’ll be leaving because of their managers. Having high staff turnover is not only costly but it’s also damaging towards the business’s reputation. Training, on-boarding, kitting out new employees and getting them up to full productivity takes time and money, meaning it’s increasingly beneficial to retain your staff. Poor management will also deter potential new talent.

An increase in sick leave could be a sign of poor employee mental and physical health and well-being. 

Working for a bad manager can cause increased stress and anxiety levels. Many employees could also suffer from sleep deprivation which will decrease their productivity. If your employees’ health is suffering, it’s your duty to safeguard them. Getting to the root of the problem and tackling it head on will help improve company reputation, staff morale and will reduce sickness leave. 

As we’ve touched upon earlier, poor management can lead to a damaged company reputation

Reputation is a hard one to build, yet easy to ruin. This can result in a reduction in new talent and potential new clients. Poor management can affect the company’s budget, employee turnover and overall profits. 

Finally, a decrease in productivity and morale are signs employees may be struggling with the leadership being given. 

If employees have an effective leader their task performance will continue to soar. Aiding your staff’s drive will empower the team, leading to job satisfaction, increased commitment and positive mental attitude. Having a toxic work environment will eventually engulf the whole office. A manager’s behaviour will have a direct knock on effect on what is seen to be accepted and unacceptable within the business. 

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