HMRC Furlough Pay Opening

An update on claiming Furlough pay

We now know that the portal you’ve all been waiting for is due to go live on 20thApril.  This is the online portal for employers to use to claim back the 80% furlough pay. The first payments to employers will be made on 30th April 2020 and payments will usually be made within 4 -6 working days of submission of the data.  

8 facts employers must know about the HMRC payments claim portal: 

  1. Guidance for employers on how to compile claims will be released within the next week to make sure employers can get claims ready by 20 April.
  2. Only one claim per pay period – weekly or monthly.
  3. First claims can be backdated into March.
  4. A business can make a claim 14 days ahead of their pay date.
  5. There are no plans to incorporate those who started after 28 February.
  6. A hotline will be set up for employees to report employers who are asking employees to work during furlough leave to try and eradicate any abuse of the system.
  7. Employers have to keep written furlough agreements for 5 years. 
  8. Fraudulent claims could result in criminal convictions.

For more information on furlough and employment law updates due to Covid-19 please click here.

We would advise all employers to make their staff aware of the hotline being set up as well as any changes to the system which may affect them. Make sure to follow our LinkedIn page where we’ll be sending out regular updates with key information and useful links. 

Stay safe, stay at home and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Cluer HR team for any additional information on 01386 751740 or email [email protected].

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