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Cluer HR sheds light on GB News: National Sickie Day trends

Yesterday marked National Sickie Day, and Cluer HR, led by Owner and Director Kirsten Cluer, was featured on GB News, providing valuable insights into why a significant number of Brits call in sick on the first Monday of February.

Here’s a summary of the discussion.

Post-Christmas Blues:
The first payday after the festive season could lead to more people going out and celebrating to combat the post-Christmas blues, resulting in nursing hangovers and setting the stage for an increased likelihood of absenteeism.

Weather and Seasonal Affectiveness:
The less-than-ideal weather and the considerable distance from the warm days of summer contribute to a collective mood decline. This seasonal affectiveness makes individuals more susceptible to conditions like depression, anxiety, and stress.

Economic Impact:
The widespread phenomenon of calling in sick on National Sickie Day comes with a hefty price tag. The UK economy incurs approximately £45 million in losses due to absenteeism, encompassing lost wages, hours, and overtime.

Reputational Cost to Businesses:
Beyond the financial toll, it’s important to note the reputational cost to businesses. The repercussions of cancelled meetings, missed deadlines, or unfulfilled services can lead to dissatisfied customers and tarnish a company’s image.

No Legal Limit on Sick Days:
There is no legal limit on the number of sick days employees can take in the UK. Younger employees and those in the public sector are statistically more inclined to take sick days, while their older counterparts are less likely to do so.

Top Reasons for Sick Leave:
Surveys have identified the top reasons for employees calling in sick, including flu, back pain, and stomach bugs. The Department for Work and Pensions further reports a staggering 130 million days lost to sickness absence annually.

You can read the full article on GB News here and watch the feature here.

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