Handling Workplace Conflict

In our time as HR consultants, we have seen some things and heard some stories we wouldn’t want to repeat here.

But one thing we always see go south is conflict at work…

Conflict is a natural part of day-to-day life. It’s healthy! But most of us hate any sort of conflict and probably handle it in the worst way possible.

We have seen the smallest of disagreements turn into the biggest problems. All because they weren’t nipped in the bud and handled correctly in the first place.

Take the example of an employee who’s not pulling their weight.

You might sit back and hope the situation improves on its own but what that actually does is make things a lot worse.

Bad idea.

Your lazy team member will probably feel resentful and disengaged, and the rest of the team will get more and more frustrated… and unsupported – by you!


Because you’re ignoring a problem and leaving them to pick up the slack!

What should you do instead?


Address it head-on with the employee. Find out why they’re behaving this way, and work together to find a resolution. That might involve you setting out clear expectations, providing support and training, and giving regular feedback.

If you’re seeing problems like this affecting other employees, talk to them too 💬 Let them know you’re tackling the situation and when they can expect to see things get better.

Then offer them your support too.

It’s important because it’s very easy for things to blow up if you ignore issues like these.

When you run a business, you NEED to be aware of the impact conflict can have on everyone and step up and address it immediately.

We are curious, how many times have you been in a situation like this? What sort of conflict do you struggle with the most?

How do you think we can build stronger, more supportive workplaces?

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