Have you considered that you might be part of a dysfunctional workplace?

We’ve all heard of dysfunctional families. Many of us come from them!

But have you considered that you might be part of a dysfunctional workplace?

A recent study found that 72% of people have left a job because of a toxic workplace. That’s a really high figure, that suggests many of us may be in a toxic workplace, whether we realise it or not.

But do you know the characteristics of a toxic workplace?

They may include:
• high stress levels
• high staff turnover
• a lack of work/life balance
• no trust between managers and employees
• high sickness levels
• a lack of opportunity or career development
• no priority for diversity or inclusion
• evident discrimination or prejudice

Are any of these a problem in your business? If so, it’s time to do something about it.

Toxic workplaces are at a huge disadvantage. That’s because when people are miserable at work, they’re not engaged with what they’re doing, they’re not motivated to work hard, and that means they’re not nearly as productive as they could be.

Worse, they’ll be taking more sick days, they’ll have no loyalty to your business, and they’ll jump ship at the first given opportunity. And that means your staff turnover will be higher than it ever needs to be. Toxic businesses simply don’t retain talent.

What would that mean for your business?

It’s important you prioritise your employees’ experience of your workplace. That means creating a culture that has great core values that your people can align with, that is flexible enough to allow its people a good work/life balance, and that actually cares about its employees’ good health and wellbeing.

The happier your people are, the more loyal they’ll be, the more engaged they’ll be with the business, and the nicer the environment will be for everyone. And that means more will get done, and you’ll probably see your customers being a lot happier with you too.

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