Health and wellbeing at work post pandemic

We spend a great deal of our time at work, sometimes over 40 hours a week. Post lockdown, you need to be conscious of your employees’ mental health and wellbeing. Returning to work can be tough. Getting back into the swing of working with the added restrictions and social distancing is enough to overwhelm any employee (and most of us employers). Being proactive and establishing a positive work culture is the key to a reduced staff turnover and employee happiness. This is something you need to invest in and get right now.

Post lockdown might be your chance to revamp your wellbeing strategy and re-evaluate your office culture. This includes raising awareness of mental health and encouraging staff to take breaks and exercise more. The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted all of us. Many employees will have been isolating on their own – this can be damaging to their mental health.

With many employees still on furlough and various companies struggling in this current economic climate, it’s important to give a sense of job security to staff. This can be challenging for many businesses currently going through restructures or making redundancies. Our main advice for this would be to communicate. Communication is the key to success in business, even if employees are on furlough it’s important to keep in touch.

Family life can take over from time to time especially since the kids are now used to us home 24/7. As employers we need to recognise this and focus on promoting a healthy work life balance when returning to work. Introducing flexi-hours can help employees stay productive and increase morale. Recognising what makes your team tick, is essential. Having motivated and engaged employees is what we all want and need, this is resolved through trust. Covid-19 has forced this upon us and is something we need to remember and recognise as a benefit. Trusting your employees to achieve what’s required of them reduces stress and increases job satisfaction.

It can be challenging to improve your approach to mental health and wellbeing however, it’s increasingly important to take steps to protect and motivate your team.

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Image: Shutterstock