How has the rise of the internet changed recruitment?

The very beginning of job advertising began with the only medium that was available – printed copy. Job postings were published in newspapers, which of course, would only reach a limited audience. Potential candidates were enticed through posters and A-boards, and applications were made through the post.

Today’s digital world has opened up a realm of possibilities when it comes to recruitment, with job advertisements stretching further than the local area and candidates being able to create online profiles. So how, exactly, has technology transformed recruitment for both employers and candidates?

Faster recruitment

Rather than having to wait weeks to hear back from an application, we’re now able to instantly access job postings, send instant messages and upload a CV at the click of a button. Job postings can now appear online instantly after drafting, and can be distributed across several platforms to boost accessibility. This also works in the favour of businesses who need to quickly fill a job role.

Sourcing candidates

It’s become easier than ever to source candidates, with social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, being designed specifically for job seekers and employers. Not only do these platforms allow candidates to create a personal profile; employers can also research potential candidates before making contact with them.

Social media presence

Just as the recruitment process has evolved with the advances in technology, it’s important that employers and candidates stay up-to-date. Of course, you can still apply to jobs in the traditional way, but you’re more likely to be discovered if you have an online presence – and that applies to both businesses and job seekers. Businesses are, of course, going to want to appeal to candidates – so it’s important for them to develop their brand identity online, using social media to express their personality and distribute job postings.

Optimisation for mobile devices

The number of mobile users has skyrocketed in the past decade, and it’s only going to increase. It’s therefore important that job application platforms are kept in line with these updates. Mobile apps, such as Indeed, are particularly popular with mobile users; after clicking on an advert and uploading their CV, submissions can be made within a matter of minutes.

The rise in technology has offered many benefits to recruitment, primarily by speeding up the process, allowing advertisements to reach further and boosting online connections. To find out how you can boost your online presence, contact a member of our team.

Image: Shutterstock