How to address the challenges of employee recruitment and retention in 2022

There’s no doubt that the last few years have been challenging for employers, the world over, so in this blog we take a look at the 3 biggest challenges, recruiters are facing in 2022, and the most successful ways to overcome them.

1) Company Branding

I bet you didn’t know that 75% of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before even applying for a job (LinkedIn). I’m sure what you did know however, is that a company’s brand today, is so much more than just a website.

Candidates want to see that your organisation is a good place to work, and that employees are valued. Regardless of the size of your business, and the budget you have there are ways and means of getting this across to candidates.

For a smaller business or budget – it can be as simple as showcasing your company culture via social media through imagery and captions. For a larger business or budget, this may mean creating a career specific page on your company’s website – brimming with information, photos and videos about what a candidate can expect from working with you.

Whatever your approach, this is your first opportunity to make a mark – so make it count!

2) Recruitment Process

LinkedIn is playing a key role in the recruitment process for many professional services businesses, alongside recruitment agencies and online resources managed by the employer.
Alternatively, for smaller local businesses, with a smaller budget, you often find that advertising via Facebook can be a great way to reach your target audience.

Whatever your recruitment method, you need to make sure that the process is clean and clear. Communication is key to creating an enjoyable candidate experience. Whether there is a 1-stage, or 4-stage process to final selection – be clear with candidates when setting out the various stages and how long they are expected to take.

Follow-up communications are also crucial. There’s nothing worse than applying for a role, or even being interviewed for a role and then hearing nothing more from the organisation involved. If the saying ‘actions speak louder than words’ resonates with you, there’s a very good reason!

If the lack of process leads to a poor candidate experience, this can result in a rejected job offer or ‘bad press’ as the candidate relays their experience to friends in person or online.

It’s simple – have a process, communicate it and follow it. Be courteous. You never know what the negative implications will be on your business, as a result of not having the decency to say, ‘thank you – but on this occasion you weren’t successful’.

3) Employee Retention

It’s obvious really, but candidates are 3x more likely to trust a company’s employees than the employer itself when it comes to understanding what it’s like to work there.

You’ve worked hard to pull your team together, but if you want to keep hold of your best employees AND grow your business, then retention of your existing organisation is key and doesn’t have to mean quarterly bonuses and family days out (although I’m sure they’d be welcomed).

Retention is all about investing in your team, to ensure they feel valued. As an employer this can be achieved in a number of ways:

1. Performance management
 Training and development
 Reward for meeting agreed, achievable targets
 Career development plan for those who want it

2. Contractual arrangements
 Flexible benefits
 Health and wellbeing support

3. The other stuff
It’s easy to focus on those benefits which are written in black and white, but don’t underestimate the value of those ‘softer’ benefits, such as:
 Dress down Tuesday
 Freebie coffee Friday
 Cake bake Wednesday

So, lets recap – what are the 3 key steps to getting this right?

1) Company branding – showcase your company culture
2) Recruitment Process – be clear and communicate
3) Employee Retention – invest in your team

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Image Credit: Canva