How to attract Generation Z talent

Now entering their mid-20s, Generation Z employees (born between 1995 and 2012) are starting to establish themselves in the workplace, adding an entirely new perspective to today’s workplaces.

There are, of course, similarities between Gen Z workers and millennials (the preceding generation), but one of the main differences between them is that millennials grew up without technology – whereas Generation Z have become accustomed to the daily use of devices, and universities are continuing to introduce modern, home-from-home workspaces.

It’s not only modern technology that today’s young workforces have become accustomed to, though. Growing up with devices in their hand has led to the development of recognised behaviours – such as the need for instant gratification and visual stimulation. If you’re an employer looking to attract youthful talent, you’ll need to ensure that you’re appealing to the right audience – but how, exactly, can you do this?

Sustainable, eco-friendly business

The demands of our planet have created a new trend that young people are increasingly steering towards – eco-friendly living and interior design. By showing that you have a commitment to making a positive contribution to the environment, you’ll be on your way to attracting top talent. There are a few changes you can make; for example, you could look into going paperless, creating and storing documents online, or you could ban single-use plastics. You could also equip your office with modern energy-saving appliances and plants.

Social media and online presence

In today’s world, the majority of the younger generation has some sort of social media presence, incorporating it into numerous aspects of everyday life. To appeal to younger people, as a business it’s essential that you have an online presence – and even better if you’re active on social media. You’ll not only be more visible, but this will show young people looking for employment that you’re up-to-date with everything that’s going on in the digital world.

Promote health and wellness initiatives

The younger generations of today are becoming increasingly more aware of their physical and mental wellbeing, investing in wellness initiatives – including gym memberships, meditation apps and yoga classes. Mental health has gained particular traction in recent years, given the negative effect that using technology can have on our general mood and overall wellbeing. Many modern workplaces are beginning to offer employees health initiatives to stay in line with the current trends, offering free healthy snacks, on-site exercise classes and gym memberships. This is definitely something that young candidates look for in a workplace – so it’s well worth considering for your business.

Change up your recruitment process

Recruitment is, of course, the first step to securing great talent – so as an employer, it’s important that you make it an attractive process to young candidates. It’s thought that the younger generations generally have shorter attention spans, and in order to gain their interest it’s important to keep them engaged and avoid taking too long to reply to their applications. Additionally, rather than handing out heaps of paperwork during recruitment, try creating a video, or ask them to engage in a stimulating activity.

Although Generation Z may have differing requirements to those of millennials, businesses will likely benefit and develop with the innovative and creative ideas that young people can bring to the table. To find out more about how you can attract today’s young generation of workers, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team.

Image: Shutterstock