How to attract the best talent to your workplace

As an employer and business owner, it’s inevitable that you’re going to want to build a workforce that’s rich in talent and experience. Being beneficial to both you and your business, attracting talented employees will ultimately improve the creativity and quality of the work that you produce. However, it’s not always easy to know how to obtain these employees. Just as you want to hire individuals that will help your business prosper, quality applicants will also highly likely be looking for something a little different; a company who brands itself well, and one which cares for its employees. So, how do you make your business unique?

Offering applicants a good salary is most certainly a huge incentive; however, it far from covers all bases. Equally, if not more important than this is your ability to manage employees in a way that they feel valued, satisfied and motivated to develop. Since everybody is different, this isn’t an easy task – but great employers take the time to make sure measures are put in place to ensure employee happiness.

Attracting the best employees begins at the very start of the application process. Make sure to convey exactly who you are in your job advertisements; be clear about your company’s values, goals and missions, and establish a brand personality through your wording – whether that’s quirky yet ambitious, or formal and highly professional. This will help the applicant to get a real understanding of who you are as a business. You’ll also need to show that you have opportunities for career progression, since this is a key aspect that high quality candidates will be looking for.

In addition to expressing your focus on career progression and your missions, it’s also important to show applicants that you care about the work-life balance. Employers who allow for flexible working and provide a break-out zone for their employees are always highly valued. As an employer, you could be doing this through allowing your workers to work from home some days, or allowing them to work wherever they wish within the office. If this is part of your daily office life, make sure to emphasise this in the job application.

Getting your brand ‘out there’ and establishing clear brand awareness is a highly important part of increasing your recognition. Many applicants hear about a business through social media, looking at how present and active they are on these online platforms. Take the time to assign some of your employees as brand ambassadors, asking them to set up LinkedIn profiles on behalf of the company and keeping social media channels updated regularly. It’s important to settle on the brand personality that you wish to convey first, and this can then be maintained and enhanced through media postings. Ensure that each post expresses your core values and culture.

Ultimately, showing that you care for your employees and using online platforms to showcase your brand personality and culture are some of the best ways to attract great talent to your workplace. To discuss this in more detail, please contact one of our expert HR advisers here.

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