How to be a more environmentally friendly employee

Despite our society’s increasing efforts to improve the state of our current climate, we’re still living amongst the consequences of years of damage to the environment. The overuse and mindless disposal of plastics has polluted our oceans, and the dangerous chemicals produced by daily habits and activities pose potential risks to our health. Collectively, workplaces without sustainable initiatives can be particularly detrimental to the environment, with the constant use of technology and lack of good practice contributing to global warming issues.

Purchase a reusable lunchbox and bottle

Rather than heading out on your lunch break to buy food from your local supermarket, try cutting down on the use of disposable plastics by making your lunch at home. It’s a great idea to invest in reusable storage containers and make your own sandwiches/salad, since you’ll be reducing your consumption of single-use plastics on a daily basis which, over time, will have a positive impact on the environment. If buying plastic water bottles is a daily habit, try investing in a reusable one that you can refill daily; it’s surprising how much of our plastic pollution comes from single-use water bottles.

Recycle wherever you can

Many of us are guilty of failing to dispose of items correctly, and this is commonly due to a lack of knowledge. It’s not always easy to know which waste products are recyclable, and which should be put in general waste. Try doing some research around your local area to see which items are recyclable, and make it a priority that every day, you dispose of your waste correctly. You could even suggest creating a designated recycling point in your workplace, putting up signs that will educate others.

Buy a desk plant

Whilst desk plants can be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your space, they can also do wonders for the surrounding air quality. Not only do they release more oxygen into the atmosphere, they also work to absorb harmful chemicals, which are constantly released by technological devices.

Go paperless

One of the most simple and cost-effective ways you can make a positive contribution to the environment is to cut down on paper use. Today’s technological advances allow us to produce work, collaborate and safely store documents online; unless it’s for necessary/confidential use, paperwork isn’t always needed. Wherever you can, try to store your notes and documents on your computer or a memory stick, and only print paper where necessary.

Do your bit around the office

When the working day is over, help to conserve energy by remembering to switch off your computer. Doing so will not only be beneficial to the computer itself, but it prevents the release of unnecessary pollutants during out-of-office hours. If you’re the last to leave the building, ensure all of the lights and necessary appliances are switched off to conserve energy and keep energy costs lower.

Individual contributions to improving the climate don’t have to be expensive or unrealistic; most of the time, it’s the small changes we make every day that have the largest impact. If you’d like to discuss this in more detail, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team.

Image: Shutterstock