How to Boost Employee Morale

Employee morale refers to the outlook or attitudes that workers have in their workplace. In short, employees who feel satisfied and confident within their jobs tend to have high morale. This can include having belief in their role, whilst feeling that their vocational and career needs are being looked after. However, when happiness levels dip in the workplace, this can negatively impact the productivity and motivation of workers. Knowing ways in which morale can be boosted is an important factor in preventing high staff turnover rates.

Ensure that your employees feel valued

One of the single and most effective things you can do as a leader is to make your employees feel that their job has a higher purpose than simply just sitting in an office and producing work. Helping employees to recognise how their role and achievements benefit clients and the business itself will see them strive towards producing even better work, whilst improving their levels of ambition. Making your employees feel valued also stems from involving them in the company’s visions and goals, so that they feel their role has a purpose. From the very first interview, it’s important to share where you hope the company will go in weeks, months and even years to come. This way, the employee will share your visions and be motivated to help you get there.

In addition to making your employees feel valued in their role, it’s also important to value them as a person. Doing something as simple as recognising their birthday to giving them a small gift to celebrate life milestones is enough to show that you perceive them as both a person and an employee. This, in turn, will make your employees want to work harder for you.

Celebrate accomplishments

Celebrating achievements and accomplishments is a great way to reinforce high quality work. A good way to do this is to regularly ask each team to provide a list of successes and accomplishments that they have achieved. The names mentioned can then be rewarded with a gift to reinforce appreciation for their hard work. Alternatively, regular fun days out or team building excursions will help in encouraging and motivating the whole team.

Leadership and relationships

Employee morale tends to correlate with the confidence that they have in the capability of their company’s leadership. Having strong management gives the employees direction and visions for the future which they can work towards. Additionally, leaders who treat their employees fairly and with respect are ones who can expect positivity and high quality work in return.

Additionally, positive, interpersonal relationships throughout the office results in workers who look forward to going into work each day. Workers who are motivated at the start of the day are more likely to produce better work. Good relationships between employees also increases the likelihood that they will collaborate and work together to improve their skills.

Giving workers the opportunity to develop their personal skills and motivation to progress will not only positively impact the business, but also increase the likelihood of making them want to stay with you. Personal and career development can be achieved through attending skills workshops, and having regular catch-up meetings to discuss opportunities for progression.

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