How to encourage a financial detox in your workplace

The economic challenges of the 21st century can often be a concern for employers and business owners. The past couple of years have been particularly difficult for businesses, with the effects of Brexit taking their toll. As a result, many employers have had no choice but to try and cut costs, and when done efficiently, this can work to keep things running just as smoothly, but with a lower budget. Whether or not you’re in need of a financial detox, there are ways that you can start to save money, whilst also positively contributing to the environment.

Make use of online file sharing

The technology world is now, thankfully, developed enough that it allows us to create, share and distribute files online without needing to waste any paper. Thanks to programs like Google Drive, and Evernote, employees can now edit files online collaboratively, effectively organise their work and store files without the need to print paper. Over time, this helps to reduce costs of sourcing paper and ink, and overall electricity expenses – whilst saving our trees.

Switch off when not in use

Put simply, when an electronic device is not being used for long periods, switch it off. By leaving devices on standby for several hours, you’re wasting unnecessary energy, and therefore, money. Before you leave the office for the day, check that computers and any other electronic devices are completely switched off. If you’re only leaving your computer for an hour, simply put it on ‘sleep’ mode.

Buy second-hand

If you’re looking to re-decorate or expand your office, try sourcing second-hand furniture. Not only can these items be significantly cheaper, but it’s also highly beneficial for the environment to buy second-hand since you’ll be reducing waste and preventing the unnecessary production of more carbon emissions. Used furniture also adds a personal, unique touch to a space, since you’ll likely come across rare finds.

Offer flexible working options

Allowing your employees to work flexibly will not only help them to achieve a better work/life balance, and in turn, higher productivity levels, but it will also ultimately cut costs for the business, since the output rates of your resources and amenities will be reduced. Additionally, flexible working is highly beneficial for the environment, since the need to commute will be reduced.

If you’re looking to reduce costs in your workplace, speak to a member of our team for more advice.  

Image: Shutterstock