How to establish a strong company culture

A firmly established, strong company culture begins with the business’s core values. The extent to which these are practised by you and your employees is an important indicator of whether or not your company is reflective of these values. There’s a strong link between employee satisfaction and a strong corporate culture, and this forms the foundation for employee behaviour, productivity and performance. It’s important that employers take time to have a think about whether their current culture reflects their company goals and values.

Assess your current culture

Every company has a culture, whether or not it’s been consciously put in place. If yours seems a little out of touch with how you envision your business, then you’re likely in need of a culture makeover.

This is where you’ll need to start from scratch. Establish the strengths of your current company culture – for example, do you encourage good collaborative relationships between your employees? It’s equally as important at this stage to think about the areas that could be improved, or anything that’s missing.

Take some time to think about what’s unique about your business. It’s a great idea to utilise your distinctive qualities and place them at the heart of your company culture; what sets you apart from other businesses in your industry? This should also include your visions and goals for the future.

You might also like to conduct a survey, which will highlight your employees’ personal opinions. Your company culture, for the most part, comprises of the employees themselves – so it’s important to consider them in the process.

Recognise and encourage individual talent

There’s nothing that dampens company culture more than a monotonous, robotic workforce. Allowing your employees’ individual talents and unique abilities to shine through is a great way to instil company culture. As long as your employees are meeting deadlines and attending important meetings, try allowing them to be flexible wherever possible – and let their unique abilities serve as a source of inspiration and value to you and your company.

Encourage honesty and transparency

From employees being dishonest about their workload to employers withholding important information, a workforce that lacks transparency and total honesty can instil working relationships that foster distrust – and can lead to both employees and clients questioning your core values as a business. It’s important to be as transparent with your employees as possible, letting them know of company updates. Creating an honest and transparent workforce is essential for employers who want their internal workforce and clients to take the business seriously.

As an employer, as long as you are making sure to stay true to who you are as a brand and instil your company values, you’re already on your way to incorporating a strong company culture. To speak to one of our HR advisers about how you can improve your business culture, please click here.

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