How to Improve Employee Retention

Image Credit: Seattle Municipal Archives; Engineering Department; 1962

Your employees are perhaps the most essential part of your company, along with its growth. It’s important to make sure that your workers are happy in their work environment so that they feel motivated to put hard work back in to your business. Additionally, making your workers feel that they have plenty of room to grow and opportunities to progress gives them direction – and they will be much less likely to look for employment elsewhere. Including your employees in the company’s visions for the future helps to make them feel that their role is important within the business. It’s within every employer’s best interests to avoid high staff turnover, since this almost always reflects negatively on the business itself.

Retaining valued employees begins right at the start of the recruitment process. When you’re looking for a new employee, make sure that you’re being careful and selective in your choices. In addition to qualifications, consider the candidate’s attitude, diligence and overall demeanour – these things can tell you how they will perform as an employee, with regards to their ambition, drive and time management. Additionally, look for signs of interest in wanting to grow within the company. It’s also important to establish job requirements at the interview process, such as travelling requirements, so that the candidate fully understands the role before starting. The first few weeks for a new recruit are, arguably, the most important – since they’re testing out whether they like the working environment and can see themselves continuing in the role. It’s therefore vital at this stage, particularly in the first few days, that you provide sufficient training and support to prevent the employee feeling neglected and out of their depth. Assigning them a mentor is also a good idea – this way, the employee can receive on-hand support.

As well as new recruits, all employees should be provided with guidance and support at all times. Workers should feel that they know their job duties thoroughly, with goals to work towards. In addition to this, employees should know how they are performing – including areas they are excelling in and areas in which they could improve. Having regular meetings with employees to discuss how they are getting on is a great way to achieve this. Additionally, consider how you can best empower your team. This could be allowing a new recruit to take part in a new project without being micromanaged. This encourages growth and shows that you have confidence in their abilities.

The work environment should be a place where employees feel comfortable and motivated. It should also reflect your company’s values and cultures – whether that be laid back and relaxed, or strict and formal. Employee motivation also stems from praising employees regularly and giving them recognition for the good work they’ve achieved. Keep your employees looking towards the future by telling them exactly what they can do to achieve their next milestone.

Making sure your employees are paid what they’re worth is essential in preventing staff turnover – especially in today’s competitive market. It’s also a great idea to offer unique staff perks – perhaps by using your connections to provide them with staff discounts or tickets to events.

Ultimately, making sure that your employees are happy, driven, well looked-after and provided with a pleasant working environment are the key aspects to retaining valued staff members. To discuss how you can best keep your valued employees, please do get in touch with us via email [email protected] or call 01386 751740.