How to Increase Diversity in the Workplace (World Religion Day)

Increasing diversity in the workplace is becoming a more commonplace practice, with many employers around the world incorporating this into the recruitment process. Workplace diversity involves acknowledging and accepting that everyone is different, whilst accepting varieties in age, religion, race, gender etc. A multi-cultural workforce includes members of society that vary in ethnicity, whilst having different religious and racial backgrounds.

It’s now become a necessity that workforces become more multi-cultural. There are many ways in which you, as an employer, can make your workforce more diverse. If you’re based in a less multi-cultural area, it’s a good idea to revert back to job descriptions, where you should try to attract a talent pool that’s more diverse. This can include emphasising aspects of your working environment that suit a wide range of cultures, such as childcare, flexible schedules, accommodating to religious holidays and accepting diverse clothing choices. This will allow potential candidates to feel that they can remain true to themselves, whilst showing that you embrace diversity. Additionally, try to ensure that your job descriptions aren’t too restrictive as this may be off-putting for many people, and be careful with your wording – words such as ‘dominant’, for example, have been shown to have negative responses from women.

The area surrounding your workplace is also an important consideration – especially if employees often venture out on their lunch breaks. If your surrounding area lacks in diverse food choices, such as vegetarian, vegan, or kosher options, you may wish to work with or collaborate with local food-serving establishments to create choices that are suitable for a wider range of cultures. It’s also a good idea to seek employee feedback, so that they can share their opinions on how you can improve the workplace to suit them.

Training your employees is a good way to ensure that the whole workforce shares the same vision with regards to making the workplace more multicultural. It’s also important to ensure that all managers share your views, since it’s their responsibility to put diversity policies in place. You may also wish to encourage your existing employees (particularly those from a minority background) to refer potential candidates to you; this will allow you to discover a wider demographic. Additionally, if you’re in a position where you can choose interviewers, try to employ a diverse range. This way, applicants of a minority background stand a higher chance of gaining employment.

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