How to make your workplace more employee focused

Fostering a workplace that inspires positivity, creativity and innovation leads to great business results – and this is what every employer should strive to achieve. This starts with the employees who, if not happy and motivated, can’t be expected to produce a high standard of work. Keeping employees happy not only instils a great working environment, but it also propels them to approach their work with more passion and intention.

Creating an engaged workforce produces employees who are motivated to turn up to work more often and make their days in the office more productive.

Encourage self-care

Employees who are tired, burned out and stressed are not only at a higher risk of illness, but they also won’t be operating at their best. A positive, high-energy working environment is always one to aim for, but if employees are not looking after themselves, this will be near impossible to achieve.

As an employer, ensure that you’re providing your employees with ample opportunities for self-care, making this a more accessible option for them. Mental and physical health are equally as important, so try to incorporate initiatives that address both. It’s a good idea to encourage regular walking breaks, perhaps provide gym membership discounts and install sit-stand desks.

To ensure that you’re looking after your employees’ mental health, create an open door policy whereby employees can walk in and discuss any issues they might be having. It’s also a good idea to try and take your employees on fun, team building days to encourage a change of scenery.

Provide training and opportunities for development

It’s important to ensure that your employees are receiving adequate regular training so that they can develop within their role. Providing training and development opportunities helps to create visions for the future, which is the key to feeling a sense of purpose within a role.

Try giving your employees time to improve their personal development during the working day, whether that’s by enrolling them on a training course or by giving them time to do some personal reading. This can be more easily achieved by providing a ‘learning corner’ – perhaps including a bookshelf and comfortable seating.

Encourage flexible working

Allowing your employees to work flexible hours and in a location of their choice (if this is available) is a great way to create trusting relationships with them. You’re showing them that you trust them to get the work done, and in return, you’ll create happier, less stressed employees. This allows your workers to more easily attend to family commitments, and take more control over how they spend the working week.

Recognise good work

Studies suggest a direct connection between the recognition of good work, and the impact that this has on employee engagement. By praising employees for outstanding work, you’re showing that you not only value the business, but that you also recognise the need for employees to feel appreciated. Employees who are positively reinforced for the good work they produce are more likely to gain the motivation to continue improving.

Instil a positive working environment

Fundamentally, if a positive working environment is not adopted, then employees simply won’t feel inspired to produce creative ideas. It’s important to foster positivity by creating a workforce that shares mutual goals, strong friendships and a sense of freedom. This can be achieved by adding as much variety as you can into the workplace, whilst also engaging with your employees daily and encouraging them to collaborate.

Adopting a person-centred workplace is highly important for creating a happy, motivated workforce. If you’d like to discuss how you can apply this to your workplace, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team.

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