HR Advice | Is no commute to work resulting in a better work life balance?

In a changing world there’s been a huge push on working from home in order to protect ourselves and those around us. As a result, this has meant the common daily commute to work has seen a dramatic drop. The daily commute to work can affect our whole day, for some staff this sets them up for the day and for others it can cause unnecessary stress. So what are the benefits of no longer commuting to work? We’ll be looking into this along with how to maintain a good work life balance.

The benefits of no longer having a commute to work

No longer commuting to work can free up over an hour of time each day meaning employees can ease into their day with no worry of getting into work on time. This relaxed start to the day can have a positive effect on employees productivity. Furthermore, the working day is more flexible and enjoyable when the daily commute is removed.

The other benefit to removing an employees’ daily commute is a financial and environmental one. Many employees will save money each month not only on fuel but also insurance premiums. In addition to this, the reduction of regular commuting will have a positive impact on the environment.

How to maintain a good work life balance

Employers are focused more than ever on their employees health and well being, this is having a positive effect on employees work life balance. A good work life balance creates positive effects such as less stress and a reduced risk of burnout.

Employees and employers are more tuned into the benefits of unplugging from any stresses and strains of everyday life, this makes space to unwind and re-energise. It’s important to take a two week break at least once a year to help you mentally and physically recover.

A work life balance is all about creating boundaries so when you leave the office, work stays at work. Having time to switch off is when you’ll feel as if you have time to do the things you love without compromising on your work success. A work phone is a great way to reduce the blurred lines between work and home, it can also be turned off when you take a holiday.

Introducing flexible working is a great way to reduce commuting to work and in turn give employees a better work life balance. This is something many employers have been doing with great success seeing an improvement of job satisfaction and loyalty. For a guide on flexible working and adapting your business to improve employees work life balance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our knowledgeable team.

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