One to ones: Why are they important?

A one-to-one is a pre-planned and scheduled conversation usually between a manager and an employee. It goes beyond a standard meeting. One-to-ones have a purpose, specifically to connect and mentor. The goal for these meetings is to discuss development and performance, vent any issues and create a strategy to move forward. 

Having these regular check-ins highlights any underlying issues, creating a more positive office environment. Communication is key within a team and these meetings give each employee space and time to provide feedback and create a focus on overall business goals, future ideas and achievements. 

One to ones don’t need to have a set time period, this all depends on the relationship. 30 to 60 minutes is plenty of time to have a quick catch up. Keeping the meetings short and sweet will also help ensure they occur. Most people tend to host their meetings weekly or fortnightly to keep communication and development consistent. With a long-standing employee or a remote-worker it might suit both parties better to host a slightly longer catch up monthly. 

Showing support to your team and identifying development opportunities will help improve productivity and increase job satisfaction. Drawing on an employee’s potential will not only benefit the business but their mental health too. 

With Mental health affecting many of us in a variety of forms, it’s important to get to know your team and build trust. One-to-ones give you the space to grow as a team and build rapport.

Having scheduled meetings means you’ll be receiving a continual stream of feedback, in turn helping you monitor your team and your management style. Making amends to a progression strategy or kick-starting recruitment will all stem from what you’ve learnt during your regular one to ones. 

They’re more important than you ever thought. 

Moving forward, will you consider making one-to-ones higher priority?

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