6 Vegetarian Blogs to Inspire Healthy Eating in the Workplace

During your working day employees are likely to consume one or more meals a day. So, how can we as an organisation and employer promote healthy eating and increase awareness of overall health? 

By influencing a healthy, balanced diet within the company can help to improve health and well-being. This positive promotion can help to reduce risk of illness and improve employees quality of life. With the majority of your employees all currently working from home due to Covid-19, these positive eating habits will not stop at your employee. The increased awareness of healthy eating will benefit their family environment too! 

Having healthy employees generates a healthy work environment and will in turn reduce sickness absence. One way you can promote healthy eating in the workplace is through the use of online blogs. 

As it’s National Vegetarian Week, we thought we would suggest some of our top blogs to inspire healthy eating: 

  1. The Flexitarian

For those keen meat eaters among the office, Annabelle Randles AKA The Flexitarian focuses her blogs about food, ethics and environment. She says it is not about NOT eating meat but about eating LESS of it. Reducing your meat intake can help to reduce your cholesterol along with many other benefits. 

  1.  101 Cookbooks 

As we’re all cooking from home much more than we ever used to, Heidi focuses her blog with this in mind. It can be difficult to integrate vegetables and whole foods into your everyday meals. With these easy to follow recipes you’ll be increasing your vitamin and fibre intake in no time! 

  1. Naturally Ella 

Many of us are now finding we’ve had to become a little more creative in the kitchen over the past few months. Erin’s blog is the perfect place to help you live naturally and find ingredient alternatives. Her blog is split into three sections; recipe search, produce guides and build a pantry for an easy user experience. 

  1. The First Mess 

It’s important to look into seasonal produce and supporting local in this current climate. Laura’s blog is mostly plant based with gluten-free, sugar-free, oil-free, and nut-free recipe options. Why not take a trip to your local farm shop and create a new plant based recipe? 

  1. Veggie Runners

Following this week’s Government announcement allowing an unlimited amount of outdoor exercise, what better way to encourage health and well-being than with a blog focused entirely on it? This Mother and Daughter duo have a variety of healthy post workout treats. 

  1. Tinned Tomatoes

Missing your beloved pub grub? So, are we! Jacqueline has created a no frills, easy to follow blog with a wide variety of vegetarian recipes including vegetarian haggis. Creating a healthier lifestyle doesn’t have to mean missing out of your favorite meals. It’s all about creating balance and being aware of what you’re consuming! 

Stay safe and stay healthy! 

Image: Shutterstock