6 tips on managing people working remotely

Teamwork makes the dreamwork. Having a good management structure in place is key to helping identify and tackle problems, improving employee relationships as a side-effect. A team’s success is based on a manager’s communication skills, as well as recruiting individuals with complimentary skills. With an increase in employees working from home, how can we successfully manage a team remotely?

We’ve put together our top 6 tips below: 

  1. Trust – This is the pillar to any relationship, especially a work one. Be open and honest and believe your team will accomplish what’s required of them. 
  2. Increase communication – Host regular meetings. Continue to schedule in your one-to-ones but make them virtual. Most importantly look out for your team members spotting if there’s a change in mood or communication – This could be early signs of stress. 
  3. Development – Continue to promote training. This could be through webinars or online courses. Stretching our employees will help to get the most out of them. This will in turn boost morale and productivity.
  4. Give thanks– Saying thanks for your hard work at the end of your working day could be the difference between good and just average management. Treat others how you would like to be treated, this means showing recognition! 
  5. Encourage health and well-being– Be their role model. Encourage regular breaks and stepping away from the desk to get some exercise (this is good not only physically but also mentally). Introduce weekly quizzes or virtual pub Friday’s to get the team interacting socially. 
  6. Introduce flexi-hours– This will benefit the parents out there and turn focus onto output rather than hours worked. This will benefit mental health and increase employee trust. 

For many working remotely is a huge change, so keeping tasks as normal as possible will give comfort to employees. Continue to ask the question “How are you?” and mean it. Build the bridges and conquer with your team no matter where you’re working. It’s amazing how far communication and a little compassion goes!  

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Image: Shutterstock