February 2019


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The importance of checking up on your employees’ mental health

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This month, our owner, Kirsten Cluer, has spoken about the importance of recognising mental ill-health in the workplace.

Anxiety and depression are common work-based mental health issues, with around one-in-six employees showing signs. Addressing mental health issues has undoubtedly improved in recent years; however, there’s still a long way to go until all employers offer the right support. There are many signs that employers should be looking out for amongst their workforce.

Regular, short term absences, particularly when employees are showing patterns of this, can signal an underlying mental health issue. Additionally, as an employer, if you notice that an employee’s productivity or motivation levels have dropped, this could be cause for concern. Many employees, however, may hide their problems; so it’s important to check in with them regularly.

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Keeping records of working time

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Keeping track of working time can have its benefits for employees; for example, when they work overtime. It’s not obligatory for employers to do this, however – but should it be?

Advocate General Pitruzzella of the Court of Justice in the European Union argues that under the Working Time Directive, a working-hour law, it is necessary for all employers to keep track of their employees’ working hours. A trade union brought the issue before the National High Court in Spain, hoping for a decision that would require working hours to be recorded on a daily basis. This was issued against Deutsche Bank, which did not regularly mark down working hours – and only used an Absences Calendar to record absences for full working days.

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We featured in ‘Forbes’

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This month, we featured in an online article in which our owner, Kirsten, spoke about her sources of inspiration for starting up a new business.

Kirsten tells Forbes that her inspiration to start an HR firm of her own stemmed from ‘The E-Myth’, an informative book written by Michael E. Gerber. Stating that 80% of small businesses fail, the book motivated Kirsten to start her own business – and work to avoid becoming a part of that statistic.

Kirsten continues to explain that by reading the book, she learned that great business owners are not necessarily ones that have vast technical skills – rather, they can imagine their firm as a nationwide franchise from day one.

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Blog of the month

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To highlight the current awareness of mental health in the workplace, we have focused one of our blogs around ‘Time to Talk Day’, which took place on the 7th February. The beginning of the new year is notorious for contributing to increased numbers of mental health issues, thanks to the dull, cold weather and come-down from the Christmas season. This annual recognition aims to encourage people around the UK to speak out about their mental health issues.

Statistics show that one in four of us experience some sort of mental health issue in our lifetime – and this can range from generally feeling ‘down’, to feeling anxious and depressed.

It’s vital that as an employer, you ensure that your workers feel in a position to speak to you if they are having mental health problems. This means remaining approachable at all times, and showing empathy for others.

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