October 2018


This month we would like to share with you the latest news within Cluer HR, as well as keeping you up to date with developments in the world of HR and employment law as they occur.

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We Won an SME Enterprise Award! – Featured in Multiple Newspapers

At Cluer HR, we’re delighted to have been awarded the 2018 Midlands Enterprise Award. As a result, we’ve featured in multiple publications – including Cotswold Journal and Gloucestershire Echo, as well as local newspapers such as Evesham Journal and Worcester News.

The SME Enterprise Awards recognise small and medium sized businesses for their hard work within the industry. Kirsten Cluer, our owner, tells the publications: ‘We’re absolutely thrilled to have won the award. It’s testament to the hard work our small but dedicated team put in daily and illustrates our endeavour to provide an exceptional service to businesses across the Midlands and beyond’.

Kirsten also shows her gratitude towards the team at Cluer HR as well as their clients in winning the award.

At Cluer HR, we’re dedicated to helping businesses in the Cotswold area – whether that be with supplying employee handbooks, providing redundancy advice or supporting a business through a restructure. We also offer advice 9-5 Monday to Friday through our phoneline service, and keep clients up-to-date with changes in legislation.

To read the full awards article, please click here.

Discrimination in the Workplace

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Workplaces have, undoubtedly, become more diverse over the years, leaving no room for discriminatory practise.

Jason Braier, of Field Court Chambers, discusses a particular case involving a Christian baker who refused to bake a cake which would contain a message in support of gay marriage.

The baker’s religious beliefs and ultimate actions (or lack thereof) meant that this was taken to the courts for ‘direct discrimination on grounds of both sexual orientation and political belief’.

It turned out that the baker’s refusal was not linked to sexual orientation, and so the courts relied heavily on the rights relating to religion and expression. Ultimately, a decision based on a cake iced with a message did not provide sufficient grounds to justify the violation of these rights.

To read the report click here.

World Mental Health Day – How ‘Presenteeism’ Can Be Monitored and Tackled in the Workplace, Featured in Start Up Donut

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According to the Mental Health Foundation, around 1 in 6 people experience a mental health problem each week. This month has marked World Mental Health Day, where UK businesses were urged to evaluate their staff’s mental health. As featured in Start Up Donut, Kirsten Cluer discusses how ‘presenteeism’ can cause employee exhaustion.

Presenteeism, the practise of working more hours than required, has hit a record high in the UK. It has a detrimental effect on employee health and wellbeing and, if not monitored properly, can cause stress, fatigue and other illnesses. This ultimately affects the businesses’ productivity.

Presenteeism has seen an all-time high thanks to the advancement of technology which allows workers to access emails and documents 24/7. This blurs the boundaries between work-life balance. In order to re-build a healthy workplace, employers need to encourage an environment where workers feel that they don’t need to continue working outside the required hours.

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Blog of the Month

In this month’s blog, we’ve taken a look into actions that employers can take to ensure that they retain their valued employees.

Employees are perhaps the most essential part of a company, along with its growth. It’s important to make sure that workers are happy in their work environment so that they feel motivated to put hard work back in to the business.

It’s within every employer’s best interests to avoid high staff turnover, since this almost always reflects negatively on the business itself.

Retaining valued employees begins right at the start of the recruitment process. When looking for a new employee, employers should be careful and selective in their choices.

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