Does the office environment play an important role to improve employees’ productivity?

The modern office has evolved over decades, moulding into this space to maximise productivity and improve health and wellbeing. Office environments are more than just workstations and board rooms, they’re inclusive spaces to nurture working relationships and encourage team bonding. We spend the majority of our day at work so it’s essential to create an environment in which employees feel happy, motivated and productive. Fostering a well-structured office environment reflective of your company’s core values is the key to success.

Creating an engaged workforce produces employees who are motivated to turn up to work more often and make their days in the office more productive. We’ve put together four ways to create an office environment to help improve employees’ productivity. 

Lighting is key

Lighting affects quite literally everything – mood, energy and even motivation. In order to achieve optimum performance levels, we need to understand the human body is sensitive to lighting and adjust this accordingly. In order to thrive within an office environment, it’s essential to provide the correct lighting to prevent headaches and eye strain.

Natural lighting is the healthiest and best source of lighting. Maximising this type of lighting can help to improve mental health, reduce anxiety, depression and inject a much-needed mood boost. Another simple way of reducing eye strain and saving the planet is by changing from fluorescent bulbs to LED bulbs. 

Finding the optimum temperature

The office temperature can be a controversial topic seeing as all employees are different. Adjusting the temperature to find a happy medium within the office is a good way to ensure your workers feel valued and operate at peak productivity. The average office temperature should be around 22 degrees however, this can vary throughout the year.

Ensuring your employees feel comfortable within the office is paramount to creating a happy and healthy environment. 

Connect with nature

Introducing biophilia (aka plants) into your workspace is said to improve health and air quality. Plants not only improve office decor but also reduce the toxin levels within the air. This additional injection of life also deems your business to be more environmentally responsible and friendly. Showcasing this within the office will have a knock-on effect on your employees.

Bringing the outside in has huge mental health benefits. A biophilic design creates a sense of space and familiarity, it also demonstrates your desire for happy and productive employees.

Add a splash of colour

There’s a fine line between utilising a colour to create a certain mood within your office space and sticking to your company’s style and branding – there needs to be a happy medium. Introducing different coloured zones reflective of your company’s style can have different effects on your employees. For example, green helps improve productivity and blue is calming and helps to de-stress employees.

To benefit all employees and teams within the business, adding different working zones will enhance productivity throughout the day.

Adopting a person-centred workplace is highly important for creating a happy, motivated workforce. If you’d like to discuss how you can apply this to your workplace, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team.

Image: Shutterstock