Hiring a remote workforce is breaking down talent barriers

The coronavirus pandemic has initiated working from home, forcing a rapid revamp in current procedures and routines for the majority of UK businesses. This has suddenly opened companies’ eyes surrounding hiring remote employees. Common questions running through your head are: What are the benefits? And who would this appeal to? 

Hiring remote workers has been seen to break down talent barriers and is something you should be looking into during the current lockdown period. For companies willing to evolve with the times this will only help to improve your business models.

Reaching talent globally reaps more opportunity to tap into a larger pool of talent. With unemployment rates fluctuating continually, finding those employees looking for work is critical to finding the talent you need. 

What you may have been finding previously wasn’t a lack of talent but a lack of local talent looking for local jobs. We’ve been programmed to look locally and either settle or move to where your ideal place of work is. Introducing remote working reduces that barrier. 

If you’ve looking for a specialist short-term employee, offering remote work could be a better fit. Your part-time employee can then switch between clients and work with other companies without having to factor in travel. 

So, what are the employees benefits to working remotely? 

Often employees are less distracted. This will have a knock-on effect on the whole company; reduced meeting requests and an increase in productivity. Remote working can also play to your employees’ strengths because not everyone works best from 9-5. Giving your employees more autonomy and control of their schedules will increase staff morale and in-turn help improve your staff retention. 

We would suggest re-thinking your management team before committing to a fully remote workforce. Management skills for a remote workforce are slightly different to managing an internal team. We’re sure this is something you’ll all be having to re-evaluate since Covid-19! 

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Image: Shutterstock