The Benefits of Creating and Distributing Employee Handbooks

In times of dispute, above all else, employee handbooks provide employers and their employees with mutual understanding. Although not required in the workplace by law, handbooks have the ability to defuse potentially difficult situations, whilst helping to prevent them. Providing employees with information that can be understood and acted on by all members of a workforce ensures that each individual is fully aware of the company’s policies, helping to create a safe and productive workplace.

Workplace handbooks should contain a wide variety of information, ranging from outlining general information about the business to detailing holiday entitlements, sickness policies and disciplinary procedures. Whilst helping employees to gain more knowledge about the business and its expectations, handbooks can also be beneficial to the business itself, since they can provide legal protection if an employee makes a legal claim. When an employer is taken to court over an issue, one of the most useful materials that they can take with them is a handbook which states the relevant policies. It’s also important to ensure that the employee has signed their copy, so you’ll have written proof that they have read, understood and agreed with the information given.

It’s recommended that employers give a handbook to new recruits, since it provides them with important information about the company’s values and culture. New recruits will also discover your key missions, therefore allowing all employees to work towards the same goal. Employee handbooks also act as a reference point to key information – so you, as an employer, don’t have to worry about reminding employees of the company’s policies and procedures.

Employee handbooks can also help to improve the relationships between members of management and other employees, since the content should include the objectives of managers and leaders. Having a written copy of information about pay and working hours will help to avoid confusion and unnecessary conversations. Having a handbook also allows you to display your company benefits – whether that’s paid parental leave or vision care. Outlining the benefits you offer will not only attract candidates, but you’ll also retain your best employees by showing them that you value their hard work.

Handbooks are also great for reassuring employees about the ways in which they should expect to be treated by others – and what to do if they are experiencing bullying. If an employee is being bullied, they’ll know that they can turn to the handbook to find out the necessary steps they need to take. This will not only defuse the situation more quickly, but you’ll help to prevent bullying behaviour if the whole workforce is informed that it won’t be tolerated.

There are many benefits to creating and distributing employee handbooks. To discuss how we can create a handbook that’s suited to your workplace, please contact us here. Alternatively you can get in touch with us via email [email protected] or call 01386 751740.

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