The best qualities to look for in a job candidate

If you’re an employer or the owner of your own business, then you’ll likely already have an idea of the characteristics you need in a desirable candidate. Although it’s important to find someone who fits in well with your company values, it’s equally as essential to ensure that they adopt a few fundamental qualities that will ultimately benefit you and your business.

Good communication skills

Effective communication is vital in the workplace. Employees need to be able to converse through both written and verbal mediums, since this will allow them to collaborate on tasks, keep each other informed and ultimately work towards common goals. If your organisation is customer based, you’ll also need to ensure that your employees can communicate with them professionally both over the phone and face-to-face. In the interview, try asking open-ended questions; the way in which the candidate responds will act as a good indicator of their communication abilities.

Team player & ability to work independently

Successful candidates must be able to work comfortably within a team, as well as confidently on their own. The range of tasks within a workplace are often diverse – some projects may require collaboration, whilst others might call for individual research. Employees need to be able to do both of these effectively to avoid simple tasks becoming an unnecessary challenge.

Confident in their own abilities

Employees who believe in their abilities and aren’t afraid to put their ideas forward are often the most successful ones. Those who show confidence within their role are often inclined to take more risks and try something new. Self-confidence acts as a breeding ground for drive and innovation – two qualities that can benefit almost any business.

Ambitious, and has visions for the future

A candidate’s general outlook for their future is a good indicator of their attitude towards the role. If they show ambition for the future of their career, sharing visions of their desired journey, it’s likely that they’ll take the same approach towards your business. They’ll strive to meet both personal and business goals, looking far beyond the work that’s placed on their desk.


Looking for a self-starter is essential in securing someone that’s punctual, focused and dedicated to their role. Employees with good time management tend to show more productivity, in turn having the drive to take initiative and keep going when obstacles jump in their path.

Positive attitude & enthusiastic

Much of our lives are spent in the workplace, so having the company of enthusiastic employees with a positive outlook is highly important – not only for setting the general workforce mood, but also for offering much-needed optimism on particularly stressful days.

Shows curiosity

Uncertainty is something we all have to accept and live with – both in our personal lives and in the workplace. You’ll want to look for an employee who embraces the unknown, and takes it as an opportunity to stay curious. Curiosity forms a great foundation for motivating us to expand our knowledge, facilitating higher levels of innovation and creativity.

Honesty & loyalty

Above all else, as an employer, you need to be able to trust your employees with anything from communicating with customers professionally, to handling sensitive information. Loyalty is an equally important quality, particularly for the interests of your business. You’ll want to ensure that your employees are committed to working hard for their salary, as well as your company goals.

Ability to form relationships with others

In many workplaces, relationships between colleagues, and those involving customers/clients, are considered fundamental to the success of the business. Being honest and transparent with others builds trust, which is essential for healthy and strong business relationships.

Adaptable and flexible

It’s no secret that the workplace can throw unexpected curveballs into the working day, facing employees with a new challenge. How your employees respond to this, though, is the most important part; they should be able to easily adapt to change, taking it in their stride and approaching it with a can-do attitude.

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