The challenges of a workplace restructure

Workplace restructures can be difficult for all involved. It’s an action taken by businesses to help change a company’s current finances and operations in order to survive and avoid debt. During this consolidation period many jump to redundancy, this isn’t always the case. Redundancy isn’t always involved when restructuring, however, for more information on the redundancy process, please head to our blog here. Furthermore, if you’re an employee wondering what your rights are, we’ve written a guest blog all about this on HR News.

Here are our steps to overcome the challenges of a workplace restructure:

Step 1: Make sure you plan

Planning for a workplace restructure involves being clear on your desired end position, we’d advise plotting the steps to effectively reach your end goal. In addition to this, you’ll need to identify how you will measure success and set your end game objectives. The restructuring process all needs to be managed, so you’ll need to select a project leader with the confidence and skills to implement change.

This plan will need to be budgeted for, in order to avoid debt you need to understand the costs. You will also need to involve relevant stakeholders, and top level employees will need to understand their role within the restructuring process. In order to initiate a successful workplace restructure, you’ll need to recognise skills gaps and workout how you will overcome these.

The final aspect of your plan is devising a communications and engagement plan, this needs to engage and support all employees, and pinpoint all support mechanisms to achieve this.

Step 2: Announcement time

Following step 1, you need to communicate effectively with the whole business, ensuring everyone is clear on what’s happening during the workplace restructure. Announcing the news can cause tension amongst employees, this is where circulating the restructure plan and implementing the planned support is paramount.

Step 3: Brush up on your delivery

This will be the stage where you’ll continue with as much communication as possible. Reassuring your employees during the delivery phase is key to keeping them engaged. The delivery phase of a workplace restructure is also where you would then begin undertaking the redundancy process, if applicable.

Stage 4: Review, review, review

Following the restructure you’ll need to carry out a comprehensive review to ensure you have achieved your goals. Outlining objectives at the beginning of the process helps when carrying out this measurement stage. Finally, you’ll need to identify if there’s any further change required, if there is, this is where the workplace restructure cycle begins again.

Should you require any support on a workplace restructure or advice on redundancies, our expert team is here to guide you through the processes. Get in touch with us via email [email protected] or call 01386 751740.

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