The Positive Impacts of Technology Innovation on Colleague Collaboration

Today’s workplace is a busy one, with endless to-do lists that need accomplishing. One of the fastest and most efficient ways to complete tasks is by working as a team and collaborating. Creativity is needed in many industries – which can, most often, best be achieved when employees share their ideas and brainstorm together. Additionally, when several members of a team work towards a common goal, they share a sense of purpose – which generally benefits the company in the long term. Working as a team also allows each individual member to participate and share their opinions and thoughts.

The advances in technology have allowed employee collaboration to improve with regards to the quantity of work that gets completed in a given time, as well as the levels of creativity and innovation. The development of cloud-based programmes has allowed employees to share files with each other, therefore inviting other team members to add their own ideas to a shared document. In addition to completing a task at a faster speed, this allows one piece of work to be created with a range of different perspectives.  

Video calling is a great way for teams to collaborate or hold meetings when members can’t be in the same place at the same time. With many employees spending a proportion of their day away from the office, trying to gather each member of a team together for a meeting can be more difficult. Additionally, being able to access e-mails and messages away from the office allows employees to talk to others throughout the day whilst they are away, if needs be.

Over the past decade, a range of collaborative apps have been developed to help employees share notes with each other. Trello is a popular visual app that allows employees to create a note board. Each team member can view and edit the board as they wish, adding their own ideas. This allows for fast group collaboration, and can be accessed from anywhere. Google drive is also a popular choice for businesses, allowing employees to share a document with various other members, who can then edit the content as they see fit.

Ultimately, technology offers employees more flexible working hours, since collaborative apps and programmes allow them to speak with their other team members wherever they are – whether they’re sat in a coffee shop or at home. Technology can also be financially beneficial for a business in the long term, since virtual meetings render travel expenses unnecessary. 

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Image: Shutterstock