Time to Talk Day (7th February)

The state of our mental health is something that’s increasingly become a topic of conversation over recent years. Thankfully, ensuring that staff members have sound mental health has become much more of a priority in the workplace. Time to Talk Day is an initiative which encourages people around the world to speak about how they are feeling – whether that’s over lunch with some friends, or in a coffee morning at work. 

Statistics show that one in four of us experience some sort of mental health issue in our lifetime – and this can range from generally feeling ‘down’, to feeling anxious and depressed; it can also include more serious conditions such as bipolar disorder. Mental health is known for its stigmatisation in society and in the media, with many creating stereotypes around these serious conditions. This can make it hard for people to speak about their issues without feeling as though they are being judged by others. So, encouraging people to speak about mental health helps to break these stereotypes, allowing it to be discussed as a very normal issue that affects us all. Having these conversations also helps to improve relationships with other colleagues.

It’s vital that as an employer, you ensure that your workers feel in a position to speak to you if they are having mental health problems. This means remaining approachable at all times, and showing empathy for others. Team members who feel happy within themselves are more likely to be productive at work whilst collaborating and interacting well with other employees. Staff with sound mental health are also likely have improved performance, good levels of attendance and be better engaged.

If you’re looking to encourage mental health awareness in your workplace, you can find a range of materials on the Time to Change website. From posters to information packs, these materials can be printed and distributed around the office. The workplace information pack advises employers on how they can make their workplace more mental health aware; this could include ‘walk and talk’ events, running mental health sessions and making use of the interactive cut-out activities that are included.

For more information about how you can encourage your employees to talk about their mental health, please contact one of our HR consultants here or get in touch with us via email [email protected] or call 01386 751740.

Image: Shutterstock