Tips for Team Building

It’s widely known that teamwork allows many tasks to be completed more efficiently, and to a higher quality. Many resources are now designed with collaboration in mind (such as interactive apps), and the workplace is constantly being developed with teamwork in mind. However, in order for effective collaboration to take place, employees need to be able to work well together. People need to be able to build on each other’s ideas, feel comfortable enough to share their opinions and – most importantly – get along with their other team mates. This is commonly achieved through team building.

Creating a good sense of team work in the office ultimately boosts employee morale and allows them to establish common goals and visions. Team building can involve activities as simple as encouraging employees to spend half an hour together engaging in outdoor sports – this can be simply walking together or practising yoga. This way, employees will be working on healthy habits whilst building relationships with others.

Alternatively, you might decide to dedicate a whole day to developing relationships between your employees. Before you decide on your activity, it’s worth thinking about what you’d actually like to achieve from the day – whether it’s improving communication skills or making people feel more comfortable around each other. The activity should also be one which will inspire your team and instil long-lasting employee morale – so be sure to make efficient use of your time and money.

Escape rooms are great for team building, as many of the skills required to complete the puzzle resonate with those required in the workplace. With all team members sharing the mission to solve the puzzle and ultimately escape the room, individuals will have to work together in order to find the clues and decode the riddles.

If spending a day on team building activities is not suitable for your workplace, there are many short activities that can be done at the office. This could include encouraging conversation between employees; perhaps by asking each person to share a funny experience they have had, or creating an informal Monday morning office quiz. You might even begin taking your team out for a drink every Friday after work, or treat them to a mid-week spontaneous lunch in the local café.

Team building activities don’t always have to involve leaving the office for the day – they can be as simple as encouraging interesting conversation between employees. For more advice on how you can use team building to develop relationships between employees, contact our team here. Alternatively you can get in touch with us via email [email protected] or call 01386 751740.

Image: Shutterstock