Top tips for maximising employee engagement

If you’ve noticed that morale, team spirit and productivity levels have dipped in your workplace, it might be time to start thinking about ways that you can improve your employees’ engagement. It’s essential that staff are well engaged, since high levels of productivity and motivation improve overall work quality, which means happier employees, happier clients and a more profitable business. Higher engagement is also linked to lower levels of absenteeism and staff turnover, in addition to increased levels of team spirit.

Corporate team building events

Team building events and corporate away days are great for encouraging your employees to solve problems together – whilst building on their personal relationships. Providing the perfect opportunity for a day out of the office, team building days promote effective teamwork and allow employees to learn each other’s skills – before using them in the workplace. Developing and learning through fun and games tends to be more effective for soft skills – but they must deliver results, so spend some time beforehand thinking about which activities allow your employees to work towards an end goal. This could include outdoor activities, such as a treasure hunt or orienteering.

Recognise and reward good work

There’s no better feeling in the workplace than being rewarded for good work that you’ve completed. Praise helps to boost morale, and encourages employees to keep performing to a high standard. Try incorporating informal ‘awards’, such as Project of the Month or Employee of the Month, with a special incentive prize. Alternatively, you could simply pick one particularly good piece of work from the previous week, and make an announcement in weekly production meetings.

Offer flexibility

As we edge further into the 21st century, working 9-5 every day and sitting at the same desk is becoming progressively less common. Flexible working hours and locations allow employees to work their day around personal commitments, whilst being able to adapt their day to suit their personal working styles. No two employees are the same; whilst one may prefer sitting at a desk in a quiet setting, others might thrive from sitting in a café or being in the comfort of their own home.

Provide opportunities for growth

One of the most effective ways to reduce high staff turnover is by providing your employees with plenty of opportunities for growth and development. Speak to your employees regularly about possible progression and about their future plans to avoid feelings of uncertainty and instil a continuing sense of ambition.


It’s vital that if you, as an employer, want your employees to feel appreciated and valued, are honest with them about everything that they need to know – and keep them updated regularly. Being transparent with your staff has a direct link to employee happiness, as valuing your employees’ contributions and trusting them with sensitive information ultimately makes them feel like a true part of your business and company culture. It also narrows the corporate gap between senior management and lower level employees.

Arrange regular social gatherings

To achieve maximum engagement from your employees, it’s a good idea to arrange social occasions outside of working hours. This will allow you and your staff to get to know each other on a more personal level, which will ultimately improve relationships inside the office.

Methods of maximising employee engagement don’t have to be expensive or difficult; just a few simple changes inside and outside the office can make a huge difference to the overall atmosphere, your employees’ approach to the working day and the relationships between your staff. If you’d like to find out how you can best maximise employee engagement within your workplace, contact a member of our team here.

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