Top tips for staying fit and healthy in an office job

Sitting down for the best part of 8 hours can make it difficult to stay in good shape and maintain a healthy weight – not to mention the wide array of office snacks that are kindly provided by fellow colleagues. It’s not always simple to fit exercise in to your morning routine, particularly when you’re starting work at 9am. Similarly, when returning home at 6pm, it can be hard to find the motivation to head to the gym for a workout. This can make exercising with a full-time job seem impossible – but it really isn’t. There are ways that you can work health and fitness into your working day without sacrificing your evenings.

When you’re in the workplace, it’s changing the small things that can really make a difference. For instance, start making the effort to get up from your desk every half hour for two minutes – whether that’s to go and make a drink or pick up some files from another part of the office, it’s highly beneficial to get up and moving every so often. Staying idle throughout the day is not only detrimental to your physical health, but it also reduces motivation and productivity levels.

There’s no better time during the day to try and incorporate fitness than during your lunch break. Heading out for a 20-minute walk each day can do wonders for your physical and mental health, and can give your brain the boost it needs to tackle the rest of the day. Alternatively, if you have a gym nearby, you may find it beneficial to dedicate your lunch hour to an exercise session. Try and turn this into a social activity to make this time more fun; for example, suggesting group walks or outdoor exercise sessions can also help to improve your relationships with your colleagues.

Staying fit and healthy doesn’t only involve staying active – although it is important. Adopting healthy eating habits also forms an important part of staying fit, and helps you to have a consistent balance of energy throughout the day – ultimately improving your performance levels. Make sure to have a healthy, filling breakfast that provides slow-releasing energy – such as wheat cereals or oats, and a source of protein to keep you full – such as eggs or Greek yoghurt. This will stop you from snacking throughout the morning, and craving sugary foods. Try to get in the habit of making your own lunches each day – as this way, you can control what you’re eating. Opting for healthy lunches makes all the difference – and try to choose nutritional snacks, such as a trail mix, a banana, or carrot sticks and hummus.

Remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day. This can help to prevent mindless snacking, and keeps your brain alert – which is essential for those who work in an office. There are also ways that you can lower the physical implications of sitting in a chair at your very own desk; remember to roll your ankles and neck every so often to boost your circulation and relieve strain.

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