What exactly is a Bad Manager?

When you’re running a business, you need to have a close team of people that you trust implicitly to make sure things are being done the right way.

Sure, things go wrong every now and then. That’s the nature of the beast. But if your teams have become unmotivated and disengaged, if productivity is down, and your people are unhappy, you may stop to wonder if a bad manager is the root of the problem.

But what exactly is a bad manager?

There are four main types in our experience…

The micromanager – we’ve all experienced this person. The one who’s constantly looking over shoulders, who doesn’t trust anyone to do anything without checking with them first. This type of manager definitely won’t cope well with hybrid or remote staff and is actively holding back your employees from learning new skills and developing in their roles.

The dysfunctional manager – this is the manager who isn’t actually that good at their job. They lack leadership skills, they are indecisive, they might even be lazy. Whatever the thing is that’s stopping them from excelling, you need to decide if it’s something that can be rectified or not. Often, training and development can work wonders for this kind of manager.

The bullying manager – this is probably the worst of the bunch. Because if a manager is bullying subordinates, it creates a terrible workplace culture and one that can be very difficult to fix. It means your people dread coming into work, they’re not engaged, and you’ll probably find you have an increased staff turnover (and poor company reputation to boot).

The climber – this kind of manager has only their best interests at the heart of their actions and decisions. They’ll do anything in their power to look good to their superiors, and don’t take much interest in their subordinates. They probably also see colleagues as competitors which can create tension and a bad atmosphere.

Any one of these managers has the potential to create a terrible atmosphere in your workplace, to increase absence rates and staff turnover, and to tear your company culture apart.

If you think your business is at risk from a bad manager, seek help now. Could training and development help correct the issue, or do you need to take different action?

Whatever you decide, we can help make the process easier for you. Please contact us or give us a call on 01386 751740.

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