What Issues Can HR Help Employers Resolve?

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Most companies and organisations either have an in-house HR department or use an out-sourced consultancy, but with line-managers and team leaders often the first port of call for any issues that may arise within the workplace, many are unsure as to when they should seek advice from HR.

Below, we’ve listed some of the most common employer queries HR professionals are able to resolve or advise upon:

Issues with employees, colleagues or clients

If a member of staff, under any circumstances, feels they have been the victim of gross misconduct, they must bring it up with a HR professional.

Whether they are being targeted because of their age, gender or sexual orientation, it is a form of unlawful discrimination under the Equality Act 2010. In fact, most employers should be aware that the act makes it a legal requirement for businesses and organisations in the UK to have a policy on Harassment and Bullying.

From violating a staff member’s dignity, to creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment, a HR professional will be able to offer legal advice and guidance on the next steps an employer should take to resolve the situation.

Personal circumstances

An employer can seek guidance from HR if an employee needs to reduce their work hours or request time off at short notice, due to issues such as bereavement or mental health.

HR can also advise an employer on the company’s policies on maternity and paternity leave, before liaising with the employee to seek the best solution for all parties.

Training and career prospects

HR professionals can help facilitate internal or external training for employees and/or employers to help with career development within an organisation.

If required, HR will invest a lot of time in employee/employer development, whether it be providing performance management training or developing the managerial skills of leaders.

Training provided by HR can not only help staff excel in their job roles, but can also help create a positive and cohesive company culture.

Personal entitlements and benefits

This could include anything from pension contributions, company bonuses or free eye tests, if an employer is contractually obliged to offer any.

Employers can also seek advice from a HR professional if their employees are unhappy with their payroll, such as a deduction in their pay check due to taking unpaid time off.

At Cluer HR, we work resolutely to ensure all issues are handled professionally and with the utmost integrity. We will always respect any issue raised with our experienced team and ensure complaints and queries will be dealt with accordingly to meet a conclusion that satisfies all parties involved.