Why should you highlight flexible working in the job description?

Flexible working generally means employees are able to be flexible within their working day. Many businesses opt for core hours meaning all employees must work within these hours but outside of these hours employees can pick and choose when it suits them to work. Another flexible working option is offering remote working or working from home which gives employees a better work life balance.

When employers are transparent in their job descriptions stating if they’re actively offering flexible working hours or working from home, studies have shown that the job post receives an increase in applicants. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are looking for opportunities to work from home since this has now become the norm. If you’re looking to offer a better work life balance to your future employees and recruit from a wider talent pool then highlighting “flexible working” in the advert will only benefit your recruitment process.

There are multiple benefits of flexible working such as being less distracted within the office if you choose to offer remote working. This benefit will have a knock-on effect on the whole company, reduced meeting requests and an increase in productivity. Remote working can also play to your employees’ strengths because not everyone works best from 9-5. Giving your employees more autonomy and control of their schedules will increase staff morale and in-turn help improve your staff retention.

Offering flexi-time to employees can bring company benefits like reaching a wider talent pool globally. This means you can recruit the best possible candidate for the position and not just the best candidate within a commutable distance. We’ve been programmed to look locally and either settle or move to where your ideal place of work is. Introducing remote working reduces that barrier.

Allowing your employees to work flexible hours and in a location of their choice (if this is available) is a great way to create trusting relationships with your staff. You’re showing them that you trust them to get the work done, and in return, you’ll create happier, less stressed employees. Not only will it encourage them to be positive about their employers and their work, but it will cultivate good morale in your business. This might mean clarifying whether the role can be fulfilled partly or totally from home or at flexible times of the week.

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