World Environment Day – what does it mean to me and my business ?

4 simple steps to embracing World Environment Day

We’ve all heard the latest from Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough about climate change, and how we as a population are contributing to the decline of the earth’s natural resources.

The average person is reported to dispose of 18 single-use plastic plates and 37 single-use items of cutlery every year – which is an astonishing number.

So, what has this got to do with you and your business?

Whether you’re in the hospitality industry or not, businesses are increasingly expected to play their part in understanding the impact choices are having on our planet and educating ourselves and those around us, to make more informed decisions.

As a business, your policies need to be supported by your business actions and the behaviour of your employees, and this is where Cluer HR can help you.

1. How can your business show its support?

There are many simple steps you can take as a business to do your bit – and not just on World Environment Day.

To create a better and healthier environment to live and work in, here are 12 easy to follow steps, that you and your teams can consider implementing if you haven’t already done so:

1. Provide clear recycling instructions near the waste areas – so there’s no confusion
2. Where a signature is needed – go digital
3. Use online tools for sharing and editing documents
4. Provide a second screen to those who spend time producing content or proofreading
5. Turn off lights and switches when you’re not in the office
6. Add flora and fauna into your workspace to improve air quality
7. Open windows rather than using air conditioning in warmer weather
8. Get rid of the disposable plastic cups available beside the water cooler
9. Do away with disposable cutlery and plastic packaging from the onsite cafe
10. Encourage car-sharing and cycle to work schemes
11. Reduce the number of days employees need to travel to the office
12. Join the Better Business Act, to help to create a fairer, greener future for everybody

2. Support the Better Business Act

In excess of 1000 business leaders have chosen to form a coalition, calling on the government to make changes to section 172 of the Companies Act, making businesses legally responsible for the social and environmental impact they are having on the wider society.

The Better Business Act as it is known, aims to change the law in the UK, which would require businesses to report on how they balance profit with employee wellbeing, customer satisfaction, community support AND the planet – all whilst generating a profit.

3. So, what can you do now, to get ready for this change?

Ask yourselves whether your policies and procedures are up to date? Do your policies support the wider goals of World Environment Day and what the Better Business Act is setting out to achieve?

Along with the ‘usual’ policies which form part of your Employee Handbook, and those which support your wider business needs and employee responsibilities, policies addressing social responsibility and the impact your business has on the environment are becoming more and more sought after.

Businesses tendering for work, are more regularly being requested to provide evidence of their company policies to cover:

• Company Ethics
• Corporate Social Responsibility
• Environment
• Recycling

So, begin working on these now.

4. How can Cluer HR help?

At Cluer HR we offer a complete range of HR services to ensure you and your employees are aware of the terms and conditions of employment as well as all company policies.

If you’re looking to create or update your company policies, then get in touch with us to understand how we can help.


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