September 2016


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5th Anniversary Celebrations

We had a great evening on the 14th September. Thankfully the dodgy weather passed and the sun and heat arrived just in time. Lots of friends and clients (or both) shared our delicious canapés and prosecco. Thanks to all those who came to celebrate with us and we look forward to seeing you at the 10th party!

Over Half of UK Employers Admit Candidate’s Online Profiles Influence Their Hiring Decisions

It’s reported by HR professionals that online activity is increasingly influential in the hiring process. Recruitment experts say the trend is ‘worrying’.

More than half of UK employers admit that candidates’ online profiles actively influence their hiring decisions, according to a new survey that highlights the increasing integration of social media into the recruitment process.

Around a third of the 4,000 HR professionals surveyed said they had declined to interview a candidate, or had rejected an applicant they had already interviewed, after checking their social media posts, while 65 per cent Googled prospective employees. However, the process works both ways, with 28% of jobseekers saying their view of an organisation was influenced by what they read about it online.

With more and more candidates now looking for the ‘right cultural fit’ and employers tapping into the social media information on prospective candidates, it puts up a good case for us all to use these sites with care and caution.

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Small Changes To Apprenticeships Introduced

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From 6th April 2017, it is expected that all large employers will be required to pay an apprenticeship levy, set at 0.5% of the employer’s pay bill. The money gathered via this scheme will be distributed to fund the cost of apprenticeship training and assessment.

Other reforms include protecting the term “apprenticeship”, by preventing training providers from describing a course as an apprenticeship where it’s not a statutory apprenticeship.

Tax-free Childcare Scheme Due To Be Introduced Early 2017

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In families where both parents work and each parent earns less than £100,000 per year, and a minimum weekly income at least equivalent to 16 hours at the rate of the national minimum wage, the Government will pay 20% of their yearly childcare costs (capped at £2,000 for each child).

The scheme will apply to parents with children aged under 12. The Government has said that the scheme will be introduced in early 2017. Great news for working families!

New Immigration Skills Charge Comes Into Force

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In a Government quest to reduce employers’ reliance on migrant workers, a visa levy on organisations that sponsor workers from outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland will be imposed. Indications are that a likely implementation date is April 2017.

Employers Using Foreign Workers Illegally Face Closure

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The latest attempts to stop employers turning a blind eye to illegal working are being introduced whereby employers can be served with a closure notice where illegal working is suspected. The notice will prevent access to the business’s premises for a maximum period of 48 hours and a further order may then be made to prohibit or restrict access to the employer’s premises for a period of 12 months.

We can’t emphasise enough, the importance of checking employee’s rights to work in the UK. There is a useful tool at the following link, which can help you ensure you are complying.

National Minimum Wage Increase For Some Age Bands

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For workers aged between 21 and under 25, the national minimum wage rises to £6.95 per hour. The rate for workers aged between 18 and under 21 is raised to £5.55 per hour; the rate for workers aged under 18 who are no longer of compulsory school age goes up to £4.00 per hour; and the apprentice rate increases to £3.40 per hour.

These apply from October 1st 2016, the national living wage, the national minimum wage rate for workers aged 25 or above, is unaffected.

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