Employee Disciplinaries

Set Standards

In order to operate effectively and efficiently, companies need to set standards for performance and conduct. These may be included in your company rules or handbook (if you have one). Cases of minor misconduct or unsatisfactory performance are usually best dealt with informally. A quiet word is often all that is required to improve an employee’s conduct or performance.

When A Quiet Word Has No Effect – is it time to consider a Staff Disciplinary?

Where some kind of formal action is needed, what is considered reasonable or justified will depend on all the circumstances of the particular case. Whatever happens, employers should deal with issues promptly, fairly and consistently. Investigations should be carried out to gather and establish all the facts of the case.

Give Employees The Full Picture And Support

Employees should be given the facts of the case and allowed to put their response forward, they have the right to be accompanied at any formal disciplinary meeting and allowed to appeal against any formal decision made.

not sure what to do next?

At Cluer HR, we have the skills and experience to guide you through disciplinary proceedings, should they unfortunately arise. Please get in touch to discuss your case further.

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