Staff Redundancy & Restructuring

The Potential overall negative affect

The threat of redundancies can cause serious disruption to a company. It has the potential to damage morale and productivity and put a strain on working relations. At the very worst, it can result in tribunal claims for unfair dismissal.

How To Manage Restructuring To Achieve The Best Outcome

Communication: Good communication between management and staff is essential, it will ease the pain and minimise operational disruption.

Consultation and planning: This can help keep staff engaged and prepare the way forward for recovery.

Comply with the law: When managing redundancies, it's essential for employers to ensure that they comply with the law to avoid tribunal claims later for unfair dismissal.

Consider offering an outplacement service.

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At Cluer HR we have bags of experience in guiding companies safely through restructuring programmes. Contact us today if you are thinking of making changes to the structure of your company.

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